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Aspiring young hip hop artist checking his notes during a recording session

Recording & Producing Vocals

Method: Online + On-campus practical workshops + Virtual mentor sessions
Duration:  6 Weeks
Minimum entry requirement: Grade 10
Intakes: January & June
Accreditation: PAS Media Academy

R1,450.00 p/m for 3 months

Course Objectives
The primary objective of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of recording and producing vocals. By the end of this 8-week blended learning program, students will have developed the necessary skills to capture, process, and mix vocals for professional-sounding music projects.


Course Duration

6 weeks (1.5 months) 


Course Format
Blended learning approach with online video lessons on the PASMA learning platform and contact workshops at the PASMA campus for each module. 


Face-to-face Practicals: 
Monthly practical contact workshops at PASMA’s flagship campus with experienced mentors.

Online theory: 

  • Virtual mentor classes with experienced mentors 

  • 4 hours of weekly video lessons

  • Home activities/projects.


*All contact workshops are streamed from the PASMA studios for learners that cannot be on-campus.

Module 1: Introduction to Recording & Producing Vocals (Weeks 1-2)

  • Understanding the importance of vocals in music production

  • Understanding the human voice and its characteristics

  • Basic vocal recording and production techniques

  • Setting up a home recording environment for optimal results

  • Preparing the vocalist for recording sessions

  • Basic vocal training and exercises

  • Looking at Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) with a focus on vocal production


Module 2: Microphone Selection and Techniques for Vocal Recording (Weeks 2-3)

  • Microphone types, polar patterns, and their applications

  • Positioning microphones for optimal vocal capture

  • The use of pop filters, reflection filters, and other accessories

  • Recording lead vocals: technique, microphone placement, and performance coaching

Contact Workshop 1: Vocal Recording and Processing (end of Week 4)

  • Practical experience with setting up a home recording environment, preparing for recording sessions, and vocal recording techniques

  • In-depth exploration of tuning, pitch correction, and other essential vocal processing techniques, including Autotune

Module 3: Arrangement & Composition and basic Recording in FL Studio (Weeks 5-6)

  • Working with the Piano Roll for melodic and harmonic composition

  • Building and arranging song structures with the Playlist

  • Implementing automation and modulation for dynamic arrangements

  • Audio and MIDI tracks in FL Studio

  • Recording vocals and instruments in FL Studio

  • Tips for overcoming writer's block and sparking creativity


Module 4: Vocal Arrangement, Harmonies, and Background Vocals (Weeks 5-6)

  • Composing vocal harmonies and counter-melodies

  • Layering and panning vocal parts for a rich, full sound

  • Techniques for creating unique vocal textures and effects

  • Techniques for capturing engaging background vocals and adlibs

  • Processing and mixing background vocals to complement the lead vocal

  • Creative techniques for using adlibs to enhance a song's arrangement

Contact Workshop 2: Vocal Arrangement and Harmonies (end of Week 6)

  • Hands-on practice with composing vocal harmonies, creating unique vocal textures, and recording and producing background vocals and adlibs. 

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