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A group of you media production graduates looking straight into the camera


Empowering South African Graduates for Successful Media Careers

Welcome to PAS Media Academy, initially established as an in-house learning program at the SABC in 2006, and now recognized as one of South Africa's top media production academies. We specialize in delivering comprehensive, industry-relevant education in audio production & sound engineering, film & video production, and radio & podcasting production.


Our goal is to empower South African graduates by providing a solid foundation in media production, equipping them with the practical skills, knowledge, and experience required to excel in their chosen fields. With a strong focus on helping students enter the media industry, we are committed to ensuring our graduates are prepared for success in their future careers.

Expert Faculty and Cutting-Edge Facilities

Our committed and seasoned faculty members bring a wealth of industry expertise to the classroom, offering students the guidance and mentorship they need to flourish in their chosen fields. Our cutting-edge campus is equipped with industry-standard gear and technology, allowing students to learn and create using the same tools used by professionals.

Accreditation and Quality: Setting the Benchmark

At PAS Media Academy, we uphold the highest standards of accreditation, ensuring that our educational programs are recognized and respected within the media industry. Our academy is accredited by relevant national bodies: Our NATED qualifcation, the National N Diploma in Popular Music: Studio Work, are accredited by the Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO). Our film & TV and radio broadcasting qualifcations are accredited by the Media, Information and Communication Technologies Sector Education and Training Authority (MICT SETA). 

In addition to our accredited programs, we also offer self-accredited short courses that maintain the same high standards in educational delivery. These courses are designed to provide students with the practical skills, knowledge, and experience needed to excel in their chosen fields. By ensuring the quality and excellence of our self-accredited courses, we demonstrate our dedication to offering a top-tier education that equips our students for success in the competitive media industry.

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