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Video editor in front of a number of video editing screens

Video Editing Techniques

Method: Online + On-campus practical workshops + Virtual mentor sessions
Duration:  6 Weeks
Minimum entry requirement: Grade 10
Intakes: January & June
Accreditation: PAS Media Academy

R1,450.00 p/m for 3 months

Course Duration

6 weeks (1.5 months) 


Course Format
Blended learning approach with online video lessons on the PASMA learning platform and contact workshops at the PASMA campus for each module. 


Face-to-face Practicals: 
Monthly practical contact workshops at PASMA’s flagship campus with experienced mentors.

Online theory: 

  • Virtual mentor classes with experienced mentors 

  • 5 hours of weekly video lessons

  • Home activities/projects.


*All contact workshops are streamed from the PASMA studios for learners that cannot be on-campus.


Course Objectives

The primary objective of this course is to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the video editing process, focusing on storytelling techniques, technical skills, the role of sound and music in video content, and the impact of editing decisions on the overall narrative.

Curriculum Overview

Module 1: Understanding the Video Editing Landscape (Week 1)

  • Introduction to video editing: its role and importance in storytelling

  • Understanding the technical aspects of video editing: formats, resolutions, frame rates

  • Exploring different video editing software options

Module 2: Basic Video Editing Techniques (Weeks 2-3)

  • Introduction to video editing techniques: cutting, trimming, transitions

  • Understanding continuity editing and why it matters

  • Exploring creative editing techniques: match cuts, cross-cutting, montage

Contact Workshop 1: Video Editing Landscape and Basic Techniques (end of Week 3)

  • Discussion and hands-on experience with different video editing software

  • Hands-on session on fine-tuning basic editing techniques

Module 3:  Storytelling through Video Editing (Weeks 4-5)

  • The role of video editing in storytelling

  • Techniques for creating tension and pacing in your videos

  • Using sound and music effectively in your edits

Module 4: Finishing Your Video (Week 6)

  • Color grading and correction basics

  • Adding titles and graphics to your video

  • Exporting and delivering your final video

Contact Workshop 2: Storytelling and Finishing Your Video (end of Week 6) 

  • Practical session on using editing techniques to enhance storytelling

  • Hands-on session on finalizing and exporting your video

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