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A group of artists signing an important contract

Record Labels & Music Licensing: Get your Sound out there

Method: Online + On-campus practical workshops + Virtual mentor sessions
Duration:  6 Weeks
Minimum entry requirement: Grade 10
Intakes: January & June
Accreditation: PAS Media Academy

R1,450.00 p/m for 3 months

Course Objectives

The primary objective of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the music industry and the business side of music creation. By the end of this 6-week blended learning program, students will have developed the necessary skills to identify their musical passion, understand the music industry landscape, self-release and promote their music, plan their next production, and maximize the impact of their music through licensing and publishing.


Course Duration

6 weeks (1.5 months) 


Course Format
Blended learning approach with online video lessons on the PASMA learning platform and contact workshops at the PASMA campus for each module. 


Face-to-face Practicals: 
Monthly practical contact workshops at PASMA’s flagship campus with experienced mentors.

Online theory: 

  • Virtual mentor classes with experienced mentors 

  • 4 hours of weekly video lessons

  • Home activities/projects.


*All contact workshops are streamed from the PASMA studios for learners that cannot be on-campus.


Curriculum Overview

Module 1: Discovering Your "Why" in Music Creation (Week 1)

  • Identifying your passion and purpose in music

  • Understanding the emotional impact of music on listeners

  • The role of music in culture and society

  • Developing your unique artistic identity

  • Setting personal and professional goals in music

Module 2: Your Music as a Business: Product Intent and Strategy (Week 2)

  • Understanding what record labels are looking for in artists

  • Treating your songs as a business

  • Developing a product intent for your music

  • Building a marketing and promotion strategy around your product intent

  • Crafting a compelling artist narrative and brand identity

Module 3: Understanding the Music Industry Landscape (Week 3)

  • Overview of the music industry and key players

  • Record labels, publishers, and distributors

  • Copyright basics and protecting your music

  • The role of digital platforms and streaming services

  • Networking and building relationships within the industry

Contact Workshop 1: Discovering Your "Why" and Understanding the Music Industry (end of Week 3)

  • Exercises and discussions on finding your passion and purpose in music creation

  • Developing a strategic approach to your music career

  • Building relationships with industry professionals

Module 4: Self-Releasing and Promoting Your Music (Week 4)

  • Planning and preparing your music release

  • Choosing the right distribution channels for your music

  • Digital marketing and social media promotion strategies

  • Building an audience and engaging with fans

Module 5: Record Labels, Getting Signed, and Planning Your Next Production (Week 5)

  • Identifying and researching record labels

  • Preparing your music for submission to labels

  • Strategies for pitching your music to labels

  • The role of artist managers and booking agents

  • Importance of planning your next production for maximum impact

  • Timing and coordinating your releases for optimal exposure

  • Aligning your production goals with your overall career strategy

Module 6: Music Licensing, Publishing, and Maximising Impact (Week 6)

  • Introduction to music licensing and its importance

  • Music publishing basics and working with publishers

  • Licensing opportunities in TV, film, commercials, and other media

  • Creating a music licensing strategy and pitching your music for sync opportunities

  • Coordinating your licensing efforts with your overall career plan

  • Strategies for maximizing the impact of your music through licensing and publishing

  • Building relationships with music supervisors, licensors, and other industry professionals

  • Staying up-to-date with industry trends and opportunities for your music

Contact Workshop 2: Self-Releasing, Promoting, and Maximizing Your Music (end of Week 6)

  • Crafting a compelling artist bio, press kit, and online presence

  • Developing effective pitches and presentations

  • Identifying and pitching your music for sync and licensing opportunities

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