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Young female film and television prodcution student working on a film set

Higher Certificate: Film & Television Production

Method: Online Theory + On-campus practical workshops + Virtual Mentor Sessions
Duration: One year study

Minimum entry requirement: Grade 12
Intakes: February and July
Accreditation: MICT Seta

* Film director, video producer, video editor, director of photography, camera person, script writer.

R2,700.00 p/m for 12 months*

Course ObjectivesThis program aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding and practical skills in film and video production. It prepares them for fundamental positions in the film and video production industry, as well as for freelance opportunities and starting their own production company.


Course Duration
1 Year (Full-Time)

Course Format

Curriculum Overview


Quarter 1: Foundations and Introduction to Video Production

  • Grasping the PASMA Learning Process

  • Navigating through Apple Mac OS X and Microsoft Windows OS

  • Utilizing Google Drive and Documents for collaborative work

  • Basics of Video Production and its diverse environments

  • Introduction to Video Recording and Editing Technologies

  • In-depth understanding of the Video Camera

  • Getting hands-on experience with the Canon DSLR Camera

  • An overview of Photography and use of Adobe Lightroom

  • Operational Pass: Gaining expertise in Canon DSLR

  • Engaging in foundational Video Production activities

  • Exploring the nuances of Visual Story Telling

Quarter 2: Skills Development and Video Production Techniques

  • Mastering Adobe Premiere for professional video editing

  • Engaging in Screenwriting I for script development

  • Acquiring skills in Video Lighting techniques

  • Exploring Location Lighting for Video Production

  • Diving deep into Video Foundations: Cameras and Shooting

  • Learning to manage Audio for Video

  • Handling Smartphone Gimbal - DJI OSMO 2

  • Operating Camera Gimbal II - Zhiyun Crane 2

  • Using a Teleprompter for scripted video shoots

  • Recreating a Music Video for practical understanding

Quarter 3: Advanced Techniques and Short Film Production

  • Operational Pass: Getting proficient with Samsung NX 1 Mirrorless camera

  • Enhancing scripting skills in Screenwriting II

  • Learning the role of a Producer in Creating a Short Film

  • Understanding cinematography techniques for Short Film creation

  • Working with Actors and Directing a Short Film

  • Gaining on-set experience in Short Film production

  • Multi-Camera Video Production and Post-production techniques

  • Participating in Assisted Short-film Production (Film Production Week)

  • Learning to use Switcher Studio for live video creation

  • Analyzing films in Film Studies

  • Exploring production software: Studio Binder

  • Producing a Super-short Film for practical experience

Quarter 4: Specialized Equipment and Career Preparation

  • Blackmagic 2.5K Cinema Camera Green card certification

  • Learning to operate Camera Drone: DJI Mavic

  • Producing a Short film as a capstone project

  • Developing entrepreneurial skills and receiving Career Guidance for a sustainable career in film and video production.

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