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Young FL Studio learner making beats on a MIDI controller

Next Level Music Production & Beat Programming: FL Studio

Method: Online + On-campus practical workshops + Virtual mentor sessions
Duration:  12 Weeks
Minimum entry requirement: Grade 10
Intakes: January & June
Accreditation: PAS Media Academy

R1,450.00 p/m for 4 months

Course Objectives

The primary objective of this course is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of music production and beat programming using FL Studio. By the end of this 12-week blended learning program, students will have developed the necessary skills to create, record, mix, and master their own music projects. 


Course Duration

12 weeks (3 months) 


Course Format
Blended learning approach with online video lessons on the PASMA learning platform and contact workshops at the PASMA campus for each module. 


Face-to-face Practicals: 
Monthly practical contact workshops at PASMA’s flagship campus with experienced mentors.

Online theory: 

  • Virtual mentor classes with experienced mentors 

  • 5 hours of weekly video lessons

  • Home activities/projects.


*All contact workshops are streamed from the PASMA studios for learners that cannot be on-campus.

Curriculum Overview

Module 1: Introduction to FL Studio and Digital Audio Workstations (Weeks 1-2)

  • Overview of FL Studio's interface and features

  • Comparison of various DAWs and their applications

  • Looking at audio interfaces

  • Setting up your workspace and organizing your projects

  • Setting up your home studio environment and equipment

Module 2: Beat Programming and Drum Sequencing in FL Studio (Weeks 3-4)

  • Creating drum patterns using the Step Sequencer

  • Building custom drum kits with the FPC and other virtual instruments

  • Using swing, groove, and quantization for rhythmic variation

  • Layering and processing drum sounds for professional results

Contact Workshop 1: Introduction to FL Studio and Beat Programming (end of Week 4)

  • Hands-on exploration of FL Studio's interface and features

  • Hands-on practice with creating drum patterns and building custom drum kits

Module 3: Arrangement & Composition and basic Recording in FL Studio (Weeks 5-6)

  • Working with the Piano Roll for melodic and harmonic composition

  • Building and arranging song structures with the Playlist

  • Implementing automation and modulation for dynamic arrangements

  • Audio and MIDI tracks in FL Studio

  • Recording vocals and instruments in FL Studio

  • Tips for overcoming writer's block and sparking creativity

Module 4: Sound Design and Synthesis with FL Studio (Weeks 7-8)

  • Overview of synthesis techniques and FL Studio's native synthesizers

  • Designing custom sounds for bass, leads, and pads

  • Utilizing modulation, LFOs, and envelopes for dynamic soundscapes

  • Sampling and using audio clips for creative sound design

Contact Workshop 2: Arrangement, Composition, and Sound Design (end of Week 8)

  • In-depth exploration of creating melodic and harmonic compositions and arranging song structures

  • Basic vocal recording

  • Practical experience with designing custom sounds and creating dynamic soundscapes

Module 5: Collaboration and Creative Workflows in FL Studio (Weeks 9-12)

  • Collaborating with other producers and musicians using FL Studio

  • Sharing project files and using version control for efficient collaboration

  • Developing personalized templates and workflows for efficient music production

  • Tips for staying organized and managing your time effectively

Contact Workshop 3: Collaboration and Creative Workflows (end of Week 12)

  • Hands-on practice with collaborating and developing personalized workflows

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