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SA's Brightest Media Talents: Ready to join?

PASMA is your gateway to mastering media production, from film and video to audio engineering and podcasting. We're committed to turning your passion into a professional career.

We inspire creativity, innovation, and excellence. With cutting-edge resources, expert instructors, and a creative environment, you're set to lead in the dynamic media industry.


Enroll at PASMA and transform your passion into a profession. Start shaping your future where creativity fuels your career.

The PASMA Advantage

At PASMA, students can learn in a state-of-the-art environment with the most up-to-date studios, studio equipment, and technology for media creation. Our knowledgeable instructors, who have real-world expertise, are committed to giving you the personal attention and help you need to reach your ambitions.

Our strong links to the industry give students access to opportunities to network, internships, and potential job placements. This puts them on the right track to succeed in media production. We offer full-time, part-time, and workshop studies so that people with different schedules and educational needs are able to attend programs.


PASMA media school makes sure that students are ready for the demands of the media production business by putting an emphasis on hands-on learning. Come work with us and start a rewarding journey in this exciting and evolving field.

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Hands-On Experience & Industry Connections

PASMA's comprehensive curriculum focuses on practical learning through workshops, projects, and internships. Our strong industry ties provide networking opportunities, connecting students with media professionals and potential employers to enhance their career prospects in the media production industry.

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Our campus fosters a collaborative atmosphere where students work alongside fellow learners and industry experts on creative projects. By joining our diverse community of instructors from around the country, you'll gain invaluable global insights and perspectives in the media production field.

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Comprehensive Support & Industry-Recognized Qualifications

PASMA offers extensive student support services, including academic guidance, career counseling, and personal development assistance. Our qualifications are industry-recognized, ensuring graduates are well-prepared for their future careers and possess the skills that employers value.

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The Knowledge Authority in Cutting-Edge Media Production

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