National Certificate: Radio Station Management                                          Accreditation by MICT Seta


The purpose of this qualification is for learners to be able to manage the sourcing, selection and maintenance of a radio station's output. The National Certificate in Radio Station Management (NQF Level 5) qualification is generic across commercial, public and community service fields. The qualification will create larger pool of competent station managers to meet the growing need for competence.


Apart from the competencies gained, other advantages of the qualification to learners include recognition, mobility, standardisation, and broad competency base across areas (some of which are generic). 


Qualifying learners are capable of: 


  • Compiling business plans in accordance with stakeholders requirements

  • Managing human resources to optimise performance in radio stations

  • Applying financial management principles in order to maximise revenue and minimise costs

  • Developing and implementing marketing strategies in order to optimise brand awareness

  • Maximising advertising sales to optimise financial viability and stability of radio stations

  • Developing, managing and implementing programme strategies that are in line with specific mandates

  • Managing operations and facilities to achieve business objectives

  • Formulating research objectives and interpreting and applying results to inform strategies 


This qualification consits of the following unit standards:


Core 15234 Apply efficient time management to the work of a department/division/section

Core 15236 Apply financial analysis

Core 7886 Develop and implement a business plan

Core 10070 Develop and implement marketing plan in line with marketing strategy

Core 15224 Empower team members through recognising strengths, encouraging participation in decision making and delegating tasks

Core 15215 Identify and interpret Best Practice guidelines, and plan for and implement Best Practice within a team

Core 15226 Implement systems to meet the flow of information in a team, department or division

Core 15223 Implement training needs for teams and individuals to upgrade skills levels

Core 7877 Plan, implement and evaluate sales development activities

Core 15235 Prepare and conduct staff selection interviews

Core 10055 Present data to stakeholders

Core 117544 Source music for radio stations

Core 10082 Design a research brief 

Core 10071 Develop a strategic plan

Core 7887 Develop and Manage Marketing Plans and Strategies 

Fundamental 15231 Create and use a range of resources to effectively manage teams, sections, departments or divisions 

Fundamental 15225 Identify and interpret related legislation and its impact on the team, department or division and ensure compliance

Fundamental 15220 Set, monitor and measure the achievement of goals and objectives for a team

Fundamental 10081 Conceptualise and research requirements

Elective 117543 Schedule music for radio stations

Elective 117540 Select music for radio stations

Elective 117542 Manage radio station music databases 


The duration to completion is one year.  Lectures are held three days a week followed by hands-on practicals in the studios. Students that complete the course succesfully will be awared the National Certificate: Radio Station Management