FET Certificate: Studio Work (Sound Technology)

 Accreditation by MICT Seta


Audio production spans across four broad industries: Music production, radio, audio for video and live sound.  The PAS full time course is based on the broad outes of these occupational areas and a mixture of theory & practical activities and assessments.  


Each student has two days of theory, two days of studio practicals and one day of assessment each week and will complete a portfolio of evidence to showcase his/her work during the year.  



  • Radio production skills - Make radio adverts, jingles and promos.

  • Set up speakers, lighting and stage for live music shows

  • Use a professional recording studio to create multi-track music recordings

  • Produce beats across a wide variety of genres including house,hip-hop and R&B 

  • Use dynamic processors and effects to mix a song 

  • Use a mastering processor to master a song for final distribution

  • Set up DJ equipment

  • Produce an album from concept to delivery

  • Business skills and strategy

  • Numeracy

  • Basic life skills

  • Communication and business communication

  • Establishing your own SMME (Small or Medium Enterprise)

  • Meet recording session requirements


This qualification consits of the following unit standards:


Core 114529 Check sound source quality                                                

Core 114533 Evaluate acoustics 

Core 114555 Maintain professional sound engineering equipment 

Core 114544 Meet recording session requirements 

Core 114557 Operate Controls and Functions

Core 114559 Operate digital recording software

Core 114556 Plan pre-production

Core 114558 Record a stereo production

Core 114560 Set up MIDI connections and communications channels

Core 114537 Set up sound equipment

Core 114535 Use delay to create repeat and echo effects

Core 114541 Use dynamics processors

Core 114563 Use reverb to create room simulation and effects

Fundamental 8968 Accommodate audience and context needs in oral communication

Fundamental 8969 Interpret and use information from texts

Fundamental 8973 Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes

Fundamental 8970 Write texts for a range of communicative contexts

Fundamental 9015 Apply knowledge of statistics and probability to effectively communicate findings on life related problems

Fundamental 8974 Engage in sustained oral communication and evaluate spoken texts

Fundamental 12417 Measure, estimate & calculate physical quantities

Fundamental 8975 Read analyse and respond to a variety of texts

Fundamental 8979 Use language and communication in occupational learning programmes

Fundamental 7468 Use mathematics to investigate the financial aspects of personal, business, national and international issues 

Fundamental 8976 Write for a wide range of contexts 

Elective 10385 Develop a business plan for a small business 

Elective 10388 Interpret basic financial statements

Elective 10386 Investigate the possibilities of establishing and running a small business enterprise (SMME) 

Elective 10387 Investigate ways of managing financial risk in own lives


The duration to completion is one year.  Lectures are held three days a week followed by hands-on practicals in the studios. Students that complete the course succesfully will be awared the FET Certificate: Music Industry (Sound Technology).