Production and learning

Bartho Lubbe
Senior producer and head lecturer
Jean Fourie
Music production and assistant lecturer

Bartho oversees all audio productions at PAS. He is the primary video editor and manages our learner management software. He recently started learning C# Programing and is an avid online gamer.  


Jean is responsible for composing jingles used in advertisments, music recordings and assisting students with their practical work. He produces music in his free time and also enjoys online gaming and DSLR video & photography.

Kabelo Mahlakeng
Recording and post

Kabelo records and arranges commercial productions for PAS and assists students with their practical work. He has teamed with dozens of artists in a variety of music generes and is a keen videographer in his spare time.  

Henry Davies
Lead producer and GM

Henry Davies makes sure that everything runs smoothly at PAS. He started the academy in 2006 at the SABC buildings in Bloemfontein and has been involved in production training for the last decade.  He enjoys research and spending time with his family.